Dr Garrett and Germantown Cosmetic and Family Dentistry are collecting toys to give to the sick kids at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital this season again.  We team up with the Go Lucy Go Foundation and distribute unwrapped toys to kids who have to spend the holiday season in a boring, scary hospital room. How would you like to be away from your house and miss the warm holiday cheer? I sure wouldn’t like to be in a hospitaboypresentl. That is why we collect and distribute toys so for even a few minutes, these kids can smile again.

This is our 3rd year collecting and distributing toys and I cannot begin to tell you how rewarding it is to have a child or parent smile when we walk in the room with toys and food. The Go Lucy Go Foundation helps by providing a home cooked holiday meal and we help with the toys.

Because we love the kids at LeBonheur as much as we do, we want to offer everyone who drops off a new, unwrapped toy a chance to win a restaurant gift card to Jim’s Place Grill. So you will have a chance to win dinner and you will put a smile on a child at LeBonheur.

So when you are out finding those great Black Friday deals, pick up a game, puzzle, or any toy you want to give to the kids at LeBonheur. Don’t forget about the pre-teen and teen patients too. These patients are often overlooked. They love iTunes gift cards, puzzles, legos, and Bath and Body works items.

Please drop off as many gifts as you can by December 18th!lebonheur

Thank you from the kids at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital and the Go Lucy Go Foundation.