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Have a Missing Tooth?

  When you have a tooth that is missing due to decay or it never formed, many people can be embarrassed by the space. But did you know that there are other reasons to have the space filled? When there is a space between teeth, the teeth on either side can shift or tilt causing […]

Mouthguards help prevent head injuries.

We all see the players on the field take those gross mouthguards out of their mouths and place them on the helmet during football games. Ever think that little piece of rubber could prevent so many injuries? Not only protecting the players’ teeth, these mouthguards also protect against injuries such as broken jaws, damage to […]

Welcome to our Blog

Good morning to our friends and family! We have created a Blog so that all of you can learn more about dentistry and your dental health. We will take turns in our office presenting you with various information. We hope you will find this informative and entertaining. If you hear or see about something you […]

Our New Blog!

Our Blog has rescently been set up.  Please check back soon!