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HO HO NOOOOO! Did you try to ride your kid’s new toy?

What a fun, exciting time it is to wake up on Christmas morning and run down the stairs to see what Santa brought! But first you had to let your kids play with that new hoverboard or skateboard before they let you try it! Good thing they tried it before you did!!! No, you are […]

Straight Teeth and an Apple iPad Mini? Yes You Can Have both!

You only have 2 Days left to get a FREE iPad Mini with the start of an Invisalign case. Dr Garrett wants you to have straight teeth so she is giving you a gift! Call us today to take advantage of this great deal. (901) 347-3527 Wait! She is also taking an additional $250 off […]

Oh my tooth! Why your teeth hurt.

That nagging toothache has increased to real pain. What should you do when you have a toothache? Here at Germantown Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we search for all the issues that can cause a toothache.   Teeth sensitivity – this ranges from normal to severe. The first step we take is fluoride treatments and sensitivity […]