What a fun, exciting time it is to wake up on Christmas morning and run down the stairs to see what Santa brought! But first you had to let your kids play with that new hoverboard or skateboard before they let you try it! Good thing they tried it before you did!!! No, you are not as young and coordinated as you once wemissing toothre and now you have a chipped tooth from that embarrassing fall.

Don’t worry, Dr Garrett will be back in the office bright and early Monday, December 28th to fix any problems that new toy might have caused.

Call us at (901) 347-3527 so we can fix that broken or chipped tooth!


We also love to take care of your kids too, but they probably didn’t fall as hard as you.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas from all of us at Germantown Cosmetic and Family Dentistry!Dental Chritmas Tree