Patients often ask Dr Garrett, why would I spend so much on a toothbrush? At Germantown Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we have seen through many years how much healthier our patients’ mouth are when they use a rechargeable, electric toothbrush over a manual brush. Let’s look at the reasons why:

These brushes do the work for the patient, with many even featuring a timer to ensure patients brush for a full two minutes, as well as a pressure indicator light to let patients know when they’re brushing too hard and possibly damaging their gums. All the patient has to do is move the brush from tooth to tooth, while the oscillating action of an Oral-B Genius removes the bio-film and penetrates below the gum-line.

Patients with braces and especially children benefit from the multi action of the electric toothbrush versus a manual. Parents spend a lot of money on orthodontic braces and we see white spots on teeth after the braces are removed. These white spots are decalcification due to plaque and bacteria left around the brackets without proper removal from brushing. The white spots can become cavities which then have to be fixed by either fillings or crowns.

Electric toothbrushes help with stain removal, which is attractive to patients who really want a bright, white smile. Electrics brush at 30,000 strokes per minute while a manual is only 200 strokes. The Oral B genius uses the same half circle motion that the hygienist’s tool uses when you get a professional teeth cleaning to remove stains. 

Yes, we know the cost is much higher than getting just your free toothbrush every 6 months, but the advantages outweigh the cost. Also, please change out your brush head every 3 months! When we see patients using a brush head too long, the brush head is worn out and not doing an efficient job. The same goes for manual toothbrushes.

Ask Kayla or Katie the next time you come in to try out the electric toothbrush and you will see how great your teeth feel! Call us today to schedule your next cleaning and make an investment in your health.