Welcome to 2017! May the best of 2016 be the worst of 2017. I heard this quote and thought, what a fantastic way to look at the upcoming year. I am striving to make 2017 better than 2016 and want to invite all of you to join me. Making resolutions to kick start the new year is great, but let’s look long term.


When we want something long term to be better, we need to make it a habit. Experts say if you do something everyday for 3 weeks, it becomes a habit. Here are some things to start habits to improve your smile and overall health:

Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day

We should brush every morning when we wake up and every night before we go to bed. One saying I heard is Brush your teeth at night to keep your teeth, and Brush your teeth in the morning to keep your friends 🙂

Floss your teeth every night before you brush your teeth

Brushing alone does not clean your teeth. Flossing gets the stuff in between your teeth and around your gums to help prevent tartar buildup and periodontal disease of your gums. I know most of us hate to do this but it only takes a minute and makes a huge difference, just ask my hygienists!

Quit Smoking

Everyone knows now how bad smoking is for your body but it is really bad for your mouth too. There is a study going on right now through UT Health Science center regarding smoking and quitting. Check out . Not only will you help your body by quitting, you will save money and have a healthy smile.


You do not have to join a gym to exercise. There are a lot of simple exercise programs available on your smart phone or through your television or computer at home. Add 20-30 minutes of exercise everyday and you will make it a habit you won’t want to quit.

Cut down on Sugar

I love my sweets as much as the next person, but the bacteria that form become plaque that sugar uses a form of energy making them multiply faster growing in size and thickness. Some of the bacteria turn the sugar into a kind of glue that they use to stick themselves to the tooth surface, making it harder to brush from the tooth surface. Cutting down on sugar will help improve your dental health, giving you stronger, healthier teeth for longer and can trim your waistline as a bonus!

Visit Your Dentist More Often

Call us at and set up your next dental checkup and cleaning. Over 40% of adults admit to not visiting the dentist regularly. Checkups and cleanings at least every 6 months are extremely important to maintain a healthy smile and body.

Following these easy steps will help create healthy habits so next year you won’t need these types of resolutions. Call us today to see how Dr Garrett can help you.