I hear patients say to me all the time, “My teeth are stained because of wine” or “I ate my kids Halloween Candy!” I am as guilty as the next person of both of these evils. Not that I am saying these things are good for you, but let’s figure out which go together the best.  Everything in moderation. One note on the types of candy, the stickier the worse they are for your teeth.

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Let’s look at the white wines (which do stain contrary to popular belief)

Gummy Bears + Pinot Grigio

Gummy Bears are bright, fruity, and slightly oily with very little fat. This is ideal for eating while enjoying a glass of pinot grigio. This vibrant unoaked white is refreshing with just enough acidity to keep the palate feeling light while you indulge.

Peanut Butter Cups + Chardonnay

An oaky, buttery chardonnay is the perfect complement to a smooth, chocolatey peanut butter cup. The higher acid content cuts through the richness of the chocolate.

Snickers + Champagne

A Snickers bar is rich with the flavors of nougat, chocolate, caramel, and nuts. Each bite is decadent and luxurious. To balance out the richness, sip some bubbly champagne. The fruity flavors will play up the caramel and nougat, while the acidity will help cut through the rich textures and flavors.

Candy Corn + Riesling

The sugariest candy deserves the sweetest wine. A late harvest riesling features bright, mature fruit flavors and the most natural residual sugar of all wines. It is ideal for sipping while nibbling on candy corn since the sugary flavors are so similar. The high acid content in the riesling means each sip cleanses the palate and helps the richness of the candy. Together they make the ideal fall dessert!

Starburst + Rosé

A Starburst deserves a fruity wine like rosé, which is made with rich red berries like cabernet sauvignon or pinot noir. The high acidity will also help ease the chewiness of the candy while keeping the combination light and refreshing.

Moving on to the Red Wines:

Twix + Syrah

A Twix — with its rich chocolate, buttery shortbread cookie, and indulgent caramel — pairs well with a syrah. This variety features a signature flavor profile of red currant with a hint of fiery black pepper, which makes it a delicious partner with such a decadent candy

Skittles + Merlot

Merlot is known for featuring flavors of ripe red fruit and being lower in tannins. This makes it perfect for fruity Skittles.

Twizzlers + Pinot Noir

A delicate pinot noir is just the thing to eat with a bag of Twizzlers. The red fruit flavor matches the Twizzlers, while the acid cuts through the gummy texture. If you really want to make the tasting fun, bite off the ends of the Twizzler and use it as a straw for the wine. You’ll find the flavors marry well.

Dark Chocolate Kit Kat + Cabernet Sauvignon

A darker chocolate treat deserves a heavier wine. The flavors of dark chocolate match beautifully with cabernet sauvignon. This wine features notes of dark red fruits and a hint of smoke. The pairing will dance in your mouth and make a decadent, rich dessert.


Go enjoy your kid’s Halloween candy and your wine, but remember, brushing and flossing is extra important when you enjoy these delicacies! And when your teeth become stained from the wine, gives us a call so we can help whiten your teeth!