A lot of clients come to Dr Garrett to improve their appearance before wedding and reunion season. Some are scheduling for their first ever teeth whitening, botox, and juvederm treatments before a big event such as a wedding, big birthday, or reunion. You wouldn’t believe how many ladies appear with just 2 weeks or even worse a few days to go before a big event. Sadly, we have to turn these brave people away, as ideally we need at least 1 month to work some pre-event magic.

Botox and Juvederm treatment has to be perfect

wedding botox juvederm teeth whitening

wedding botox juvederm teeth whitening

before the event date, because they only get one shot at the big day! But those pictures last forever.

Teeth whitening can also be nerve racking. Too little time between the procedure and the big event and the teeth can appear miscolored or splotchy. Teeth can also be sensitive for a few weeks.

Some brides to be, however, would wake up in a cold sweat at the thought of being outed as having had ‘work done’. We want all work performed to look as natural as possible. The goal is that people think you look beautiful, not to think you had ‘work done’.

Here are some suggestions to make your appearance more natural looking prior to your big event:

  1. Schedule your first treatment 6 months early!

Botox treatment takes a few minutes to do, but takes 2 weeks to work and lasts 3 months. If you want pre-wedding botox and juvederm, ideally come to see us 6 months before the wedding so we can complete a whole treatment cycle before the cycle that will be active on your wedding day.

If you can’t get a full treatment cycle in before the wedding, come 6 weeks before the wedding. That leaves 2 weeks for the final treatment to work, 2 weeks for you to get back to see us (brides can be busy!) and 2 weeks for any tweaks that are necessary at review to kick in.

Juvederm last for 12 months, but there can be bruising and swelling. For these reasons, we suggest 6 months prior but no less than 3 months prior to the big event.

Get your evaluation for teeth whitening at this appointment. We want to clean and whiten your teeth about 4 weeks prior to the wedding and need to make sure there is nothing preventing us from whitening your teeth.

About a month prior to your wedding, we can perform the teeth whitening to make your smile exceptional for your pictures.

  1. Go Easy With Your Botox Treatment!

Please don’t ask us to freeze your face. The best treatments hands down are the ones where people ask themselves ‘OMG What cream is she using?’ rather than ‘OMG Who does her botox?’. Although it may look good in a photo, if you don’t lift an eyebrow even 1mm during the best man’s speech, you’ve been overtreated.

  1. Come Back!

If we don’t see you after your botox and juvederm treatments we can’t review our work. Although botox is a scientific miracle, it is not a one size fits all treatment. Some people require 4 times as much as others to get a good result. The only way to tell whether you are sensitive or resistant is by good guesswork and trial and error. This takes time and it is essential that you are reviewed 2 weeks after each treatment as part of this process. 9 times out of 10 at review, clients are delighted with the results and feeling like the review is a wasted visit, but about half the time, we will spot something that they didn’t. And we will make an adjustment there and then and adjust the notes for the next time in 4 months.

Something to consider is a Botox and Teeth Whitening party for you and your wedding party. All of them will be in the pictures, so why not make a day of pampering and beautification. We would love to arrange a party for you and your bridal party.

Call us to schedule your consultation so we can help make you the most beautiful person on your big day! 901-347-3527