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Are Carbonated Drinks Bad for You?

A lot of people like carbonated drinks over flat drinks, but are these hurting our teeth? Dr. Garrett looks into which drinks are bad and which ones are safe.

Any drink that has sugar or acid in them will be bad for your teeth. Sodas, sports drinks, flavored water, and energy drinks usually contain sugar or a sugar substitute. When you drink these beverages, the sugar will stick to your teeth and the bacteria in your mouth will feed on the sugar and decay develops as a result. Then when you add carbonation to the beverages, the acidity level goes up to close to the acidity in your stomach which desolves food. This is a double whammy, which can lead to more rapid destruction of your teeth.

But what about just plain carbonated water? Carbonation results in the formation of carbonic acid, which gives plain carbonated water its distinctive flavor, but neither carbonation nor carbonic acid seem to have a significant effect on tooth enamel erosion. According to a 2001 study published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, “sparkling mineral waters showed slightly greater dissolution than still waters, but levels remained low and were of the order of one hundred times less than the comparator soft drinks.”2 This is not true of flavored soda water, by the way. The flavoring agents make the soda water significantly more acidic and these flavored seltzers could contribute to dental erosion.   If you’re swilling multiple sugary drings every day, you’re going to have eroded tooth enamel, cavities, and a whopping dentist’s bill, but don’t fault the carbonation in sparkling water, it’s not bad for you.


The best drink for your teeth is regular tap water! If you want the fizz, go ahead and have some plain carbonated water or add your natural flavoring. But stay away from sodas and energy drinks full of sugar. Unless you really like coming to see us, then we can fix all of those terrible cavities 🙂

Call us today to schedule a checkup so Dr Garrett can make sure those sugary drinks haven’t damaged your teeth! 901-347-3527


1 .Take Part 07/31/2013

2. Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N, CNS,Nutrition DivaDecember 28, 2010


Don’t slip on Your New Year’s Resolutions

Now that we are at the end of January, don’t slip on some important resolutions. Dr. Garrett wants to encourage you to keep going!

Being healthy is more than just eating right and exercising. You need to make sure you are keeping your mouth, body, and mind healthy. Here are a few suggestions from Dr Alexandra Garrett to get and stay healthy this year:

  • Start a healthy body routine everyday to make it a habit. Research has shown that if you do something for 3 weeks, it becomes a habit. Start with a 3 week calendar checklist (we have provided one here for you.) Some things to make sure you do daily: Drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day, eat atleast 3 servings of fresh fruits and veggies, get some cardio exercise for 20 minutes, and floss once and brush twice daily.  3 week habit chart


  • Make appointments with healthcare providers for checkups and go to the appointments. Most preventative appointments are now covered by insurance so you need to make sure you get the checkups to stay healthy. Early detection and prevention is the best medicine. Here is a list of healthcare providers you should see yearly: Internal or Family physician, Optometrist, Dentist, Dermatologist, and, if female, Gynecologist. If you do not have insurance to help pay for your appointment, ask about non-insured coverage like our In-office Dental Plan. Call our office at (901) 347-3527 or request an appointment online .


  • Reward yourself. When you do something nice for yourself, you feel better and are more motivated to continue on your healthy track. Once a month, go to reward yourselfthe movies, get a manicure, get a massage, download a new song, or take a day trip with a friend. These can re-energize you and reduce your stress.

Foods you can eat to help you from being sick.


It is that time of year again. We are staying inside more and getting sick. Who has time for being sick? I know wsicke don’t have time at Germantown Cosmetic and Family Dentistry.





Dr Garrett has a few recommendations that may help you keep healthy:

1.) Micronutrients: The micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) in foods are vital for ward

Leafy greens

Leafy greens

ing off illness. Make sure you’re getting plenty of Vitamin A, B2, B6, C, D, E, zinc and selenium. The best foods containing these are:

  • Leafy greens like spinach and kale
  • Nuts like almonds and peanuts
  • Fruits like bananas and oranges
  • Cold-water fish like tuna
  • Foods high in carotenoids like carrots
  • Sweet potatoes and pumpkins

2.) Probiotics: There are hundreds of different kinds of bacteria in the digestive tract, and there is some evidence that having the right amount of “good bacteria” has a positive effect on the immune system. Probiotics are good bacteria that can be found in dairy products, like yogurt and kefir.

3.) Teas: An amino acid called L-theanine, found in green and black teas, has been shown to help the body fight off viruses. In one study, people who drank several cups of tea a week had more ability to fight off viral infections than those who drank a placebo.

4.) Also remember, the mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. By maintaining good oral hygiene, you can help reduce the bacteria in your mouth and thus reduce the bacteria in your blood stream.



HO HO NOOOOO! Did you try to ride your kid’s new toy?

What a fun, exciting time it is to wake up on Christmas morning and run down the stairs to see what Santa brought! But first you had to let your kids play with that new hoverboard or skateboard before they let you try it! Good thing they tried it before you did!!! No, you are not as young and coordinated as you once wemissing toothre and now you have a chipped tooth from that embarrassing fall.

Don’t worry, Dr Garrett will be back in the office bright and early Monday, December 28th to fix any problems that new toy might have caused.

Call us at (901) 347-3527 so we can fix that broken or chipped tooth!


We also love to take care of your kids too, but they probably didn’t fall as hard as you.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas from all of us at Germantown Cosmetic and Family Dentistry!Dental Chritmas Tree

Straight Teeth and an Apple iPad Mini? Yes You Can Have both!

You only hinvisalignave 2 Days left to get a FREE iPad Mini with the start of an Invisalign case. Dr Garrett wants you to have straight teeth so she is giving you a gift!

Call us today to take advantage of this great deal. (901) 347-3527

Wait! She is also taking an additional $250 off your new Invisalign case too!!

That means you get Straight Teeth, An iPad Mini, and $250 off!!!!

Just call us and start your case before the end of the day on Tuesday, December 15th!!!

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Oh my tooth! Why your teeth hurt.

That nagging toothache has increased to real pain. What should you do when you have a toothache?

Here at Ouch mGermantown Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we search for all the issues that can cause a toothache.


Teeth sensitivity – this ranges from normal to severe. The first step we take is fluoride treatments and sensitivity toothpaste. If that doesn’t solve the issue we will look at other reasons.

Here are some reasons your teeth hurt:

Dirty Decay – cavities form on teeth as a result of acid breakdown. When decay becomes deep, it affects the nerve of the tooth and causes pain. Decay, if caught early and small, can be removed and the tooth fixed before pain sets in. This is why we recommend exams with xrays to find small cavities before they start hurting.

Cracks – our teeth take a good beating everyday from normal wear but sometimes we cause additional harm to our teeth because of bad habits. Stress can cause us to grind our teeth which causes the tooth structure to crack. These cracks can be small and cause just sensitivity but sometimes they can lead to big problems. Teeth can fracture and need extensive work to fix them or sometimes even removal if the fracture is too big. When we identify someone is grinding their teeth, we may recommend therapies such as mouth guards to prevent big damage.

TMJ problems – our jaw is a moving bone in our body that has a specific way it wants to fit into place. When we have misalignment of the jaw, problems can feel like toothaches. Sometimes this problem can be fixed with a mouthguard or orthodontics if not too severe. Other times surgery may be required. This is something we check for with xrays and exams. Jaw problems can also lead to severe migraine headaches.

Don’t wait until tooth pain interferes with your sleeping, eating, or working. Call Dr Garrett today so we can keep a small problem from becoming a huge issue!!!


Can Crooked Teeth Sabotage Your Life?

First Impressions Are Everything: New Study Confirms People With Straight Teeth Are Perceived as More Successful, Smarter and Having More Dates.

crooked teeth sabotage

Even if we don’t want to judge someone by their appearance, studies show we do judge. A unique digital perception study, developed by Kelton Research contrasted images of men and women with straight and crooked teeth.

The survey was taken by 1,047 nationally representative Americans. In the study, respondents were shown images of people with varying tooth issues and asked to give their honest opinion about them, unaware that they were comparing people with straight teeth to crooked teeth. Results of the study indicated Americans perceive people with straight teeth to have more desirable qualities than those with crooked teeth, including attributes such as being happy, surrounded by loved ones, and professionally successful.

The perception study reinforced the affect crooked teeth can have on one’s social life and how they are perceived by others, including:

  • Making a Lasting impression: It’s important to have attractive teeth as part of a smile because pearly whites make a lasting first impression. Nearly one-third (29%) of Americans say the first aspect of someone’s face they typically notice is his or her teeth, and 24% say this is also the facial aspect that they remember the most after meeting someone.
  • Straight Teeth = Success: These thoughts also extend to perceptions regarding an individual’s potential for professional and financial success.  When looking at images, Americans perceive those with straight teeth to be 45% more likely than those with crooked teeth to get a job when competing with someone who has a similar skill set and experience.  They are also seen as 58% more likely to be successful, as well as 58% more likely to be wealthy.
  • Love at First Sight: Not if you have crooked teeth. When it comes to attracting a possible mate on a dating site, those with straight teeth are seen as 57% more likely than those with crooked teeth to get a date based on their picture alone.
  • Crooked Teeth = Dull Social Life: Nearly two in five (38%) Americans would consider not going on a second date with someone who has misaligned teeth. Far fewer would ditch someone who lives with his or her parents (23%).
  • Straight Teeth = Good Personality: People connect more positive descriptions with men and women who have straight teeth than those who have crooked teeth. Those with straight teeth are 21% more likely to be seen as happy, 47% more likely to be viewed as being healthy and 38% more likely to be perceived as smart.
  • A Nice Smile Goes a Long Way: Nearly three in four (73%) Americans would be more likely to trust someone with a nice smile than someone with a good job, outfit, or car.
  • The Want List: Having an attractive smile is something important to many Americans. Close to three in five (57%) Americans would rather have a nice smile than clear skin. What’s more, 87% would forego something for a year in order to have a nice smile for the rest of their life; more than one-third of these folks would give up dessert (39%) or vacations (37%).

“Many people tend to focus on fixing the things about themselves they think will have the biggest impact, often overlooking one of the most impressionable physical attributes like their teeth,” said Timothy A. Mack, senior vice president of business development for Align Technology, maker of Invisalign. “We live in a society where looking good heavily impacts how we are perceived. You can say you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but people do it every day.”

About Invisalign

Adults and teens now have a modern choice for straightening their teeth.  No more wires and brackets required – Invisalign is the clear alternative to metal braces that uses a series of virtually invisible and removable aligners that gradually move teeth over time.  The benefits include no food restrictions, ability to easily maintain healthy dental brushing habits, minimal interference with sports or other activities, and teeth get straightened without most people knowing you are in treatment.

Germantown Cosmetic and Family Dentistry and Dr Alexandra Garrett are offering an amazing promotion to help you have straighter teeth.

Check out our special through December 15, 2015:

Give the Gift of a Beautiful Smile

Give the Gift of a Beautiful Smile

Make an appointment before this deal goes away!Schedule today



About the Kelton Perception Study
As part of the survey, each respondent answered questions about several pictures of people with straight teeth or with crooked teeth. The total amount of visual stimuli used in the survey consisted of 16 pictures – based on a 2 x 4 exposure model (gender x straight/crooked teeth). Each respondent reacted to 3 randomly selected pictures, with the only condition being that it was a combination of either (a) 1 crooked teeth and 2 straight teeth pictures or (b) 2 straight teeth and one crooked teeth picture.

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Is Your Favorite Wine Ruining Your Smile?


Dr Garrett has some recommendations to help you keep wine from ruining your smile!

Now that we’re smack in fall weather mode, what better way to stay warm than with a nice glass of wine as you cozy up to a crackling fire? There’s just one thing: How do you lose that dreaded grape-stained smile that comes with your favorite red?

Take heart. There are some easy ways to wash away those wine stains so that what you drink isn’t written all over your teeth. And lest you think sticking to white is the solution, think again. A New York University study found that white wine can be as bad for your teeth as red because it darkens the stains left by other culprits, like tea and coffee.

“The acids in [white] wine create rough spots and grooves that enable chemicals in other beverages that cause staining, such as coffee and tea, to penetrate deeper into the tooth,” said study leader Dr. Mark Wolff, professor and chairman of the Department of Cariology and Comprehensive Care at NYU College of Dentistry, in a statement about the findings.

wine stains teeth

wine stains teeth

1. Brush your teeth before you drink wine

Rinse your mouth out, too, while you’re at it, since wine sticks to the plaque on your teeth. Yuck!

2. Wait at least an hour after sipping that glass of red or white before you brush again

That’s what Dr Garrett advises because the enamel on your teeth is weakened by the acidity found in wine, making them super sensitive to the abrasiveness of the bristles on your brush.

3. Alternate sips of wine with sips of water

That way, the stains wash away as you go. Sparkling water is even more effective than flat because of its bubbles, but either will do.

4. Take bites of hard cheese

Or opt for other high-fiber, low-acid foods with your wine. How perfect, right? Wine and cheese just go together naturally — but maybe there’s a reason. Cheese helps get the saliva flowing, which sticks to the enamel and balances your mouth’s pH. The result? Your teeth are protected from the harsh acids in wine. Other snacks to try for the same effect are nuts, non-acidic fruits and vegetables and even spinach. Yum?

5. Use a damp gauze pad to wipe the purple stains off your teeth

Do that after you’re all finished with your wine. And even if you’ve been drinking white, it’s a good idea to do the same thing. Hold off on brushing your teeth to avoid wearing down the enamel. This way, the pH balance in your mouth has the chance to get back to normal.

6. Use a lime wedge for teeth-staining “emergencies”

For a quick fix, grab a slice of lime from the bar or the fridge and rub it on your teeth and lips. You’ll be amazed at how fast the wine stains disappear. But, don’t resort to that trick too often, since citrus fruits are also acidic and thus hard on the teeth.

7. Chew gum

Chewing sugar-free gum for 20 minutes also activates saliva and helps wash away stains.  An added plus: It will keep your breath smelling sweet.

8. Brush and floss as usual before bedtime

Unless you hit the hay less than an hour after you take your last gulp of wine, give your teeth a good brushing and flossing right before you go to sleep. That will get them nice and clean without scratching off the enamel or otherwise harming them.

The irony of all this is that red wine actually has an ingredient that’s good for your teeth: polyphenols, which stop the bacteria-causing decay from clinging to your teeth. So, drink up (within reason, of course). Just follow these tips on how to stop those stains from setting so you can enjoy your favorite glass of red and white.


If your teeth need some help to sparkle again, check out Germantown Cosmetic and Family Dentistry‘s teeth whitening options:Whiter Teeth from your dentist.




Thank you to for this insightful article.

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Dental patient referrals are the best!

We at Germantown Cosmetic and Family Dentistry and Dr Garrett care what our patient’s think and say about us.

Our practice is all about trust. Many people have fear and anxiety about going to the dentist after having a painful, unpleasant experience. Many are afraid to seek out care to prevent or take care of serious dental issues.

This happens everyday.

This could be your friends, your family, or your colleagues.

Without dental care, small issues become big issues and big issues can become giant health concerns.

When you refer to a dentist a your trust, you can help relieve some of the anxiety your friends might have about their dental hygiene concerns. Sharing your experiences about the comfort and care you receive at Germantown Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is the highest compliment to us but might just also be what someone needs to hear that helps them make an appointment.

We love our patients and work hard to show you our appreciation for the trust you’ve placed in us. We hope these examples from other patients help you find the right words to share about our practice:

The office is so comfortable and warm, they know my names when I walk through the door.”

Dr Garrett and her entire team just makes you feel at ease and communicate with you at every step. They take the worry out of any procedure.”

They’re personal and personable yet so professional.”

I love how Dr. Garrett and my hygienist make suggestions for treatment and improvements but they’re not at all pushy.”

I’m impressed how Dr Garrett and her team will make every effort to work me in when I’m in a jam.”

Chances are, YOU were referred to our office buy a friend or family member you trusted. We’d love to make you a referral VIP for referring us to your family and friends.

We want you to feel really special – both by making a great recommendation and by receiving really great rewards.

Take a look at our new VIP REFERRAL PROGRAM

– Dr Alexandra Garrett


Your 1st Patient Referral

Gift Card to Java Cafe worth $15

Your 2nd Patient Referral

Go to the movies on us with a $25 gift card

(You’re now entered to win in our monthly drawing for even bigger prizes)

Your 3rd Patient Referral – VIP STATUS

Enjoy Dinner on Dr Garrett with a $50 restaurant gift card

Also, Receive 10% off elective treatment

(You’re now entered to win in our monthly drawing for even bigger prizes)

You’ll be amoung the first to hear about our specials

You have gained “VIP” Member status for the next 12months

You made our Candy Buy Back a Huge Success!

THANK YOU!!! Words are never enough to show our appreciation for the wonderful event we held last week to buy candy from trick or treaters to send to Operation Gratitude and our US troops serving overseas. These treats will put smiles on soldiers faces. We are grateful so many were able to come out and have fun. The balloon artist did a fabulous job making creations. We loved the minions, minnie mouse ears, spiderman, and even a huge shark smiling just for me. Thank you to our photographer, Stephanie Norwood, for capturing the smiles and sparkling teeth of the kids. We love putting smiles on the faces of kids. We also love supporting our US Soldiers serving overseas.

Stephanie Norwood took some fabulous photos the night of the event. You can check them out at Stephanie Norwood photos of the candy buy back

Thank you for supporting our efforts to make this community the best!

kayla and chandler at Halloween Candy Buy Back

kayla and chandler at Halloween Candy Buy Back

Dr Garrett and kids at Halloween Candy Buy Back

Dr Garrett and kids at Halloween Candy Buy Back


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